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Thumbnail for - The YOLO Lowdown
Apr 13, 2012
Happy Hour
As an underemployed and overly thrifty Portlander, I mark certain menus for death with the brand HHINO: Happy Hour in Name Only. Sure, if you want to be able to say, "I got drinks at a happy hour...
Thumbnail for - Karaoke From Hell
Apr 12, 2012
Rocking The Clubs
I love karaoke and and I can sing the heck out of moldy oldies like "Radar Love" and "Everybody’s Talkin’". But in this town you can’t claim any serious karaoke cred—or indulge in any kind of...
Thumbnail for - Can-Do Attitude
Apr 11, 2012
Beer Bulletin
Last Thursday night at Dig-A-Pony was a mob scene of people lined up to taste the new beer on the block from Churchkey Can Co., while at the same time swaying to ’50s R&B and straining to get...
Thumbnail for - Blackbird Wine & Atomic Cheese
Apr 3, 2012
Go Here Now
While recently passing through picturesque Beaumont Village, a flash of streamlined chrome caught my eye. Among the crafty gift shops and a neighborhood hardware store, two signs hang above an...
Thumbnail for - Spring Spirits Guide
Mar 29, 2012
Food and Drink Festivals
It may be gray again tomorrow, but an annual rite of spring approaches: festival season. Spring brings all sorts of spirit soirees, new releases, and garden parties that seek to awaken our senses...
Thumbnail for - It’s a Wine…It’s a Beer…It’s Sake, Man!
Mar 28, 2012
Mark Your Calendar
Sake’s reputation precedes it as a cheap, hot addition to a sushi supper, or more recently, a high-end cocktail ingredient, but great drinking minds will tell you it’s so much more. A rice-based...
Thumbnail for - Cartlandia Gets a Liquor License
Mar 19, 2012
Beer Bulletin
On Friday, after a reported three-hour deliberation, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission unanimously approved a liquor license for the Cartlandia food cart pod at the intersection of the...
Thumbnail for - St. Patrick’s Soirees
Mar 14, 2012
Welcome to St. Patrick’s Day 2012. We are indeed lucky lads and lasses in our great green city of Portland, as there’s an abundance of celebrations honoring the traditions of pub crawlin’ and...
Thumbnail for - Would You Drink This?
Mar 13, 2012
Consumer Query
This is why advertisements on Facebook need to be more carefully curated. Seriously? Coole Swan? It’s allegedly an artisan blending of whiskey, Irish cream, and chocolate. Look, I’ve imbibed much...
Thumbnail for - What’s Up, Widmer?
Mar 9, 2012
Beer Bulletin
Craft brewing has taken hold of the American imagination as Krazy Glue takes hold of balsa … that is to say, hard. Here in the Northwest the penchant is particularly pronounced, with mom and pop...
Listing 21 - 30 of 336 Results