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Thumbnail for - Saul Zaik's Homes, Past and Present
Apr 16, 2013
Tour these vintage mid-century Northwest Modernist gems May 11, all of them aging gracefully.
Thumbnail for - Swansea Serenades Us at the Gordon House
Apr 8, 2013
The Portland band's latest video doubles as a tour through Frank Lloyd Wright's Gordon House.
Thumbnail for - Behold the Threshold
Apr 8, 2013
There are many ways of letting people know they are entering onto your property. Design says it all without words.
Thumbnail for - Design for Small Spaces
Mar 22, 2013
Three contemporary designs for compact times.
Thumbnail for - Design for Small Spaces: The Fifth Unit
Mar 22, 2013
On the tiny former site of a dilapidated garage, a new, ultra-skinny home soars.
Thumbnail for - Design for Small Spaces: Curated Life
Mar 22, 2013
In a diminutive Pearl District apartment, every object plays its part to expand the space.
Thumbnail for - Design for Small Spaces: Little & Luxe
Mar 22, 2013
Attention to detail adds style and longevity to a North Portland duplex conversion.
Thumbnail for - Portland, City of Designers
Sep 17, 2012
Design School
The next wave of Portland festivals celebrates design, for all of us whose passion it is to make and build deliberately, carefully and creatively.
Thumbnail for - Art for the Home at the Japanese Garden
Aug 26, 2012
Take a glimpse of the art "behind the shoji," and take advantage of the Labor Day weekend discount.
Thumbnail for - TBA: In The Works!
Sep 7, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
  For 350-odd days of the calendar year, the Washington High School building sits blank and boarded. All the ground-level windows are blocked by sheets of plywood, and all the exterior alcoves are...
Listing 31 - 40 of 43 Results