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Thumbnail for - Portland's Fashion Show Dream Team
Sep 2, 2014
How a trio of local designers help each other fill the city's style calendar
Thumbnail for - The Definitive Guide to Portland Fashion Shows
Aug 15, 2014
With the constant barrage of fashion shows hitting town every few weeks, we thought it time to break down the list one by one.
Thumbnail for - Alley 33 Fashion Show Review
Aug 15, 2013
Saturday night's Alley 33 fashion show illustrates how our independent scene continues to evolve.
Thumbnail for - Alley 33 Fashion Show
Aug 1, 2013
The most laid back (read: fun) fashion show of the year kicks off next weekend with local faves like Make It Good, AU Clothing, and Filly. Find out how to get tickets before it's too late.
Thumbnail for - Get a New Wardrobe for $5
Apr 30, 2013
Hit the Alley 33 Clothing Swap this weekend to trade in your old clothes for brand new duds.
Thumbnail for - Alley 33 Fashion Show Recap
Jul 31, 2012
best in show
Silvania Saturday’s Alley 33 fashion show, produced by Mag-Big’s Cassie Ridgeway and Siren Nation’s December Carson, was a smooth, fun ride. The sun was out, the people were...
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Jul 10, 2012
Since we have passed the Fourth of July (the official start of warmer weather in Portland), it’s time to start thinking like a summer fun seeker. And nothing says summer fun like the huge...
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Aug 2, 2011
runway happiness
Pretty, pretty. Clair Vintage Inspired dresses. Image: Bettie Newell Hats off to Alley 33 fashion show for putting together a fun local fashion event showcasing tons of...
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Jun 27, 2011
Runway Happiness
Hot on the heels of our big Project Runway announcement is the perfect time to investigate our local fashion scene further. Alley 33 is an opportune chance to see a bevy of local talent while...