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Thumbnail for - Meet Christine Taylor
Aug 15, 2012
Our spotlight onto Portland’s fashion photography scene continues with a well-known member – Christine Taylor. Taylor’s long and impressive career spans two decades, both coasts, photojournalism,...
Thumbnail for - Pink Carpet Project Fashion Show Recap
Aug 14, 2012
Last week’s Pink Carpet Project was a pink ball of fun. Event producers Cameron Levin and Grace Kelly informed us they raised thousands of dollars for Planned Parenthood and their breast exam...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: The Smoking Slipper
Aug 13, 2012
Step aside Hugh Hefner, the girls are taking over your iconic footwear. Looking for luxury on your feet is no excuse to head out in a pair of Crocs. Instead, indulge in the classic revelry of the...
Thumbnail for - DIY Space Nails
Aug 9, 2012
Having fun nails is the adult version of playing dress up. The only trouble is the cost and upkeep gets pretty steep. That’s why when we fell in love with the newest spacey manicure we sent our...
Thumbnail for - Half Drag Beauty
Aug 8, 2012
Bouncing to and fro on the interwebs, this beauty editorial from Vogue Italia shows just how much makeup can transform a person. Photographer Leland Bobbé’s images of men half in (fabulous) drag...
Thumbnail for - Racing Day Fashion
Aug 7, 2012
Horse racing at Portland Meadows inspires the society photos from the event as Portlanders channel their inner Kentucky Derby devotee.
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: American Heritage
Aug 6, 2012
The sun may be beating down on us this week, but we all know it’s just for a hot minute. In the blink of an eye fall will be here and it’s time to start thinking about looking for those autumn...
Thumbnail for - 30-Day Fitness Trial – Day 15
Aug 2, 2012
Ok cheerleaders, I’m 15 days into my 30-Day X-Press Boot Camp and we need to talk some facts. One of the things I really like about the program is at the beginning middle and end, you meet with...
Thumbnail for - AK Vintage Lookbook
Aug 1, 2012
We’re long time fans of AK Vintage ‘round these parts. Designer Anna Korte always impresses with her combination of old and new using her vintage findings (and modern taste) to create hip pieces...
Thumbnail for - Alley 33 Fashion Show Recap
Jul 31, 2012
Saturday’s Alley 33 fashion show, produced by Mag-Big’s Cassie Ridgeway and Siren Nation’s December Carson, was a smooth, fun ride. The sun was out, the people were happy and 33rd Avenue off...
Listing 21 - 30 of 319 Results