Interesting Facts/Trivia

*All seven members were pursuing big dreams in the city: a dancer (Julie), a model (Eric), a rapper (Heather), a writer (Kevin), an artist (Norman), a rock musician (Andre), a singer (Becky).

*While on a trip with the girls to Jamaica, Becky gets romantically involved with one of the directors of the show. Crossing the fine line between the creators and the personalities, the director was ultimately dismissed from the series for breaking contract rules.

*Eric Nies went on to be an on-air talent producer for MTV and was inducted to the Television and Broadcaster’s "Hall of Fame" for his pioneering work in reality television.

If you haven’t yet heard the potentially frightening news, let us fill you in. MTV’s Real World is not only still on the air (who knew?), it will be filming its 28th (seriously) season of the show this summer….in Portland. In other related news, alcohol sales and police arrests are expected to be on the rise for summer as well.

Though no one knows yet where these seven strangers will stop being polite and start getting real, smart money bets on somewhere within walking distance to a club. Until this thing goes down, le’s focus on the one good thing about the show. It’s perfect snapshot of the pop culture of that moment. The fashions, the hair, the styling and even the expressions. Let’s take a peek back at the first 10 seasons and remember how much denim on denim we’ve seen.