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Thumbnail for - Fashion Weeks Abroad: Beijing & Shanghai
Dec 7, 2011
When local photographer Yi Yin said he was heading to China to attend both Beijing and Shanghai fashion week shows and would come back with exclusive photos for Shop Talk, our first reaction was a...
Thumbnail for - The Portland Bazaar
Dec 6, 2011
The word bazaar conjures up either exotic images of Turkish streets lined with bright textiles and fragrant spices or a florescent-lit community hall with grandmothers exchanging knit booties....
Thumbnail for - Bar Pilot’s Gift Guide #3
Dec 5, 2011
Christmas Shopping
The aging of beer in sturdy oak barrels that once housed bourbon, brandy, port, and other high-powered hooch is de rigueur these days. But let’s not overlook the sublime simplicity of a nice,...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Men-Ups
Dec 5, 2011
We’ve all seen the traditional pin up girl pose. A coy little expression at the camera coupled with folding the delicate female frame in order to enhance every womanly curve. But what happens when...
Thumbnail for - Bar Pilot’s Gift Guide #2
Dec 2, 2011
Christmas Shopping
In the chaos of all the holiday cooking, who has the time to bake their own delicious cookies designed around a moderately obscure reference from a classic cult film? Yeah, me either. Thank the...
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: For the Fellas
Dec 1, 2011
We’re not naming names, but let’s just say some of the dressed gents we know came to it by getting high quality gifts. Assuming that’s the case for many others, we’ve picked some perfect pieces any...
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: For the Ladies
Dec 1, 2011
We admit, buying clothes for a fashion loving gal is tricky. But, if you end up getting something she loves, it’s oh-so worth the risk. Some tips before you buy: 1. Make sure you know proper sizes...
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: Prezzies Under $100
Dec 1, 2011
All right, so maybe you don’t have the type of person on your list that wants a dress or cufflinks. Does that person still even deserve a gift? Oh, they do? Well how about this round up of our...
Thumbnail for - Quick Picks!
Dec 1, 2011
Bullseye Gallery’s Jewelry Inspired Exhibit What: Bullseye Gallery’s Bodywork Exhibit highlights wearable artwork created by nine artists from around the world. When: Thru Dec 31, normal gallery...
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: Women’s Accessories
Nov 30, 2011
Putting together a fabulous outfit is like baking a perfect fluffy cake. And we all know what finishes off a perfect cake….frosting. Do the ladies on your holiday list a favor (yes, you can be on...
Listing 981 - 990 of 1517 Results