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Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: Whiskey Stones
Dec 13, 2011
Christmas Shopping
Those jackbooted thugs behind the ultra-secretive ice cube lobby have been fooling us for years. All this time we’ve been made to believe that frozen chunks of H2O were the only method of...
Thumbnail for - Tangerine Tango
Dec 12, 2011
Fashion News
It’s that time of year again. No, not anything to do with the cold, presents, or rotund men in beards. I’m talking about Pantone’s big announcement of the color of the year. The mega color...
Thumbnail for - The Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon
Dec 9, 2011
Bridal Bliss
Brides-to-Be (and friends of) take note. One of Portland’s most beloved vintage stores, Xtabay, took over the top floor of its space and turned it into a late 1950s Parisian Atelier. Owner Liz...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: DIY Your Way to Gold Bangles
Dec 8, 2011
Holiday party action is in full swing and the pressure is on to look glittery and fancy. That means it’s time to get creative in the fashion department and never, ever snub your nose at a stylish...
Thumbnail for - Quick Picks!
Dec 8, 2011
Shoe Portraits by Sam Roloff What: Artist Sam Roloff (and brother to Little People, Big World star Matt) is currently working on a series of shoe portraits and accepting up to 25 submissions from...
Thumbnail for - Fashion Weeks Abroad: Beijing & Shanghai
Dec 7, 2011
When local photographer Yi Yin said he was heading to China to attend both Beijing and Shanghai fashion week shows and would come back with exclusive photos for Shop Talk, our first reaction was a...
Thumbnail for - The Portland Bazaar
Dec 6, 2011
The word bazaar conjures up either exotic images of Turkish streets lined with bright textiles and fragrant spices or a florescent-lit community hall with grandmothers exchanging knit booties....
Thumbnail for - Bar Pilot’s Gift Guide #3
Dec 5, 2011
Christmas Shopping
The aging of beer in sturdy oak barrels that once housed bourbon, brandy, port, and other high-powered hooch is de rigueur these days. But let’s not overlook the sublime simplicity of a nice,...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Men-Ups
Dec 5, 2011
We’ve all seen the traditional pin up girl pose. A coy little expression at the camera coupled with folding the delicate female frame in order to enhance every womanly curve. But what happens when...
Thumbnail for - Bar Pilot’s Gift Guide #2
Dec 2, 2011
Christmas Shopping
In the chaos of all the holiday cooking, who has the time to bake their own delicious cookies designed around a moderately obscure reference from a classic cult film? Yeah, me either. Thank the...
Listing 811 - 820 of 1353 Results