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Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Questionable Taste
Jul 5, 2012
It’s time to play another round of our favorite game, Questionable Taste! We round up, ahem, unusual outfits and throw them out to the blogoshpere. Start clicking the slide show for all the fun.
Thumbnail for - Fashion Flash Mob
Jul 5, 2012
We have a secret. Today at 6:30pm there will be a fashion flash mob at the Ecotrust’s Sundown event. We know they’re supposed to be a surprise, but you have to know about it to get motivated so...
Thumbnail for - The Little Black Dress
Jul 4, 2012
We Heart Video
What do Betty Boop and Jackie O have in common? They both understood the importance of The Little Black Dress. Net-a-Porter interviews a variety of fashion editors to countdown the top ten LBD...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Q & A with Photographer Jon Duenas
Jul 4, 2012
Our fascination with Portland’s intrepid fashion photographers continues. In the past we’ve written about youngster Nicholas Wilson, had a Q & A with Natasha Estelle and now we turn the...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Bridge and Burn’s Summer Pieces
Jul 3, 2012
Bridge and Burn’s summer collection just exploded into our inbox. Designer Erik Prowell proved his Portland roots by not only creating classic, wearable pieces, but ones that also work in layers...
Thumbnail for - Customary Clothing Q&A
Jun 28, 2012
We’ve all been there. You fall in love with a garment, try on three different sizes, but somehow it never quite fits. Or maybe you look at it on the rack and after your fashion heart flutters for...
Thumbnail for - The Way to Beauty
Jun 28, 2012
We Heart Video
Ever look at vintage photos ala Mad Men style and wonder how the heck everyone looked so good all the time? Allow this little instructional film from 1959 to enlighten you in the ways to turn back...
Thumbnail for - Polaroid’s New Camera
Jun 27, 2012
Brand Spankin' New
Remember when Polaroids were the most magical things on earth? You could get an instant photo of you in your Debbie Gibson style fedora to hand out at school. Oh wait, that was just me? At the...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Bridge Designs
Jun 27, 2012
Spend five minutes in our fair city and you know that the beautiful bridges are more than a gateway from one side of the river to the other, they’re part of our identity. Local jewelry designer...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Nail Art
Jun 26, 2012
Hey Vogue lovers (the dance, not the mag), if you have a good dose of patience and a steady hand, use some lazy summer leisure hours to recreate one of these fanciful manicure ideas. Or if you’re...
Listing 811 - 820 of 1538 Results