For Kids


MUNIPALS ON NYC SUBWAY TRAINS, $12 EACH AT BLACK WAGON Modeled after the trains on New York City’s famous subway lines, these wooden toys offer a fresh take on a classic children’s gift, says Shaoul. Just don’t blame us when little Johnny starts asking to take the N Train out to Coney Island.

ALIEN WORKSHOP SNAKEBIRD MACHE SKATEBOARD, $107 (READY TO RIDE) AT CAL SKATE SKATEBOARDS Spider-Man and SpongeBob are so yesterday. The zany robots and extraterrestrials found on Alien Workshop’s boards are sure to boost your youngster’s indie art cred—and give him a good reason to turn off the Xbox and explore the neighborhood. 210 NW Sixth Ave, 503-248-0495;

DIY: SHRINKY DINKS, $5.50 Not all kids appreciate DIY gifts the same way they adore shiny new ones that come out of a box. But they will appreciate getting to spend time with you while you make these charms together. or your local craft store.