For a Friend


GRAPHITE OBJECTS, FROM $55 AT MANOR Save your friends from ever digging through their desk drawers for a pencil again. Not only do these sculptural pencils last for up to 10 years, their unique shapes (a raven or an olive branch, anyone?) make them impossible to misplace. Pair one with a set of Brookfield Square Notes ($14).

GRIND POPPER SALT & PEPPER MILL SET, $48 AT THE MEADOW Nothing drags a well-dressed dining-room table down like a set of cheap plastic shakers. Yet few people splurge on a nice set of salt and pepper mills for themselves. (This is where friends come in.) 3731 N Mississippi Ave, 503-288-4633;

DIY: TEA TOWELS Eventually, all kitchen towels become tomato sauce–stained shadows of themselves. Update someone’s collection with custom-printed tea towels. A few blank towels, some fabric ink, and a stamp will send your buddy’s sullied towels to that big washing machine in the sky.