For Him


EDWIN JAGGER BADGER-HAIR SHAVING BRUSH, $48 at WINN PERRY Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. The handmade Edwin Jagger badger-hair shaving brush has lather-building soft bristles that will turn your morning routine into a downright luxury. Besides, the brush’s clean design looks a lot more elegant sitting on your counter than that fluorescent can of Edge.

LUCCHESE ROPER BOOTS, $495 at PORTLAND OUTDOOR STORE Every boy grows up playing cowboy. Continue the fantasy with a pair of Lucchese Roper Boots, handmade in El Paso, Texas. “They’re comfortable, durable, and supremely well crafted,” Sayler says. “I’d take them in burnished brown leather.” 304 SW Third Ave, 503-222-1051

DIY: GENTLEMEN’S HANDKERCHIEFS Few things say “suave” like a pocket handkerchief (the ultimate ladies’ man, Cary Grant, was never without one). “It’s easier than you think to make them,” Sayler says. Buy some fine linen or cotton, cut it into 12-inch-by-12-inch squares, and stitch up the edges. You’ll be a shoo-in as his Girl Friday this season.