Never mind the crowded parking lots, the long lines at the register, and elbowing your way to picked-over store displays—the hardest part of holiday shopping is just coming up with your gift list. Fortunately, in a city full of boutiques there are plenty of experts who can help. We asked four of Portland’s top retailers to share the visions of perfect presents dancing in their heads. The rules: one gift from their own store; one from another local shop; and one that anyone can make at home.

Take their advice and you’re guaranteed to make someone’s “nice” list.

For Her

$ PERFUME BY D.S. & DURGA, $90 AT UNA A blend of leather, tobacco, tuberose, and musk, $ might seem a tad masculine (it’s technically a men’s fragrance), but when dabbed along a woman’s neck, it practically purrs girl. “It smells clean, like soap,” says Parolari. “I wear it every day.”

SOUCHI KNITS, FROM $300 “I live in my cashmere sweaters from Souchi,” Parolari says. “[They’re] luxurious, amazingly soft, hand-loomed in Portland, and machine washable.” For a classic piece, try the Souchi Stella Pocket Cardigan in cotton and merino wool. Or for a touch of daring, go for the Cool Scoop Back in cashmere. 807 NW 23rd Ave, 503-525-0043;

DIY: SCOURTINS Pollyanna makes chocolate chip cookies; the sophisticated girl next door makes scourtins, or olive biscuits. “I use a recipe from Susan Herrmann Loomis and simply wrap them up in waxed paper,” Parolari says. “People are always surprised at how amazing they are.” Recipe under “olive biscuits” at