Play Dress Up

COSTUMES ARE NOT JUST for Halloween in Portland. Try the annual Red Dress Party or the Worst Day of the Year Ride or just a mob of mummies sauntering downtown. Photographer Alicia J. Rose has done much to broadcast this local cultural tendency with her highly costumed photo shoots and videos for such seminal Portland bands as the Decemberists, Viva Voce, and Menomena. Inspiration may come from all the hats she herself wears as photographer/video director/talent procurer for Mississippi Studios; accordionist; and drummer—a career that has “a lot of slashes” on its own, she laughs. “I’ve always been about putting on a show.”



Alicia J. Rose dives into the rabbit hole at Hollywood Portland Costumers.



Helen’s Pacific Costumers: Rose calls this one of the best old-school venues around—it’s not about Halloween here, but real-deal costumes. “You can get a Civil War uniform here,” she says. Plus, they rent. 7501 NE Glisan St;

Hollywood Portland Costumers: “They have every mustache under the sun,” says Rose. “Great stage makeup, and a terrific wig selection.” 635 SE Hawthorne Blvd;

Flutter: This vintage home décor boutique offers a curated collection of objects ranging from chandeliers to candy. “Everything feels like a curio,” says Rose. 3948 N Mississippi Ave;

“The Bins” at Goodwill: You buy stuff—that’s right, people’s stuff—by the pound. It’s not sorted. “You want to play a creepy housewife or an eccentric architect or a confused lumberjack?” Rose asks. “Go to the Bins.” 1740 SE Ochoco St;