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The clouds part and the sun goes down on our last evening at the Clearwater Big House. A Forest Service rental in Umatilla National Forest, Washington. March, 2014.
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Pechuck Lookout was built in 1932 at an elevation of 4,338 in the western Cascade Mountains and is now managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon. Volunteers help with repairs and yearly maintenance. It is open to the public for day use and overnight stays on a first-come, first-serve basis. Visitors must walk in or travel on horseback. No fee is charged. Because of it's historic value, and unique stone construction, it was the second lookout to be listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.
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Dawn At Acker Rock Lookout. The full moon sets as the sun begins to rise on clear skies. Just a little fog in the valleys below, which burns off quickly. Acker Rock Lookout. Umpqua National Forest, Oregon. October, 2013.
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Peavy Cabin Moonlight. A nice cold, clear October night at the historic Peavy Cabin. A forest service rental in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Oregon.
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Approaching Clearwater Lookout. A good strong wind and a couple of feet of new powdery snow make for some interesting running conditions for Yogi on our way to the lookout. Yogi belongs to the Hungarian Pumi Breed of dogs and his thick inner coat helps keep him from freezing up in cold temperatures.
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Short Creek Guard Station, Oregon. A US Forest Service rental in Malheur National Forest, Oregon. September, 2013.
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Bull River Guard Station. This log cabin, built in 1908, is the earliest standing ranger station in Kootenai National Forest, Montana. It is available for rent year round from the Cabinet Ranger District.
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Sunshine Guard Station sits in the winter moonshine. This cabin is a forest service rental in Malheur National Forest. It has a nice campfire area right outside the front door. December, 2013
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Yogi walks the road past the old barn on our way up to the Musick Guard Station. Umpqua National Forest, Oregon. June, 2013.
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