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The scene is calm but the colors are vibrant at the downtown Portland Farmers Market, held Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Shemanksi Fountain (pictured here) end of the South Park Blocks.
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Near closing time on a recent Saturday at the Shemanski Park Portland Farmers Market – a far cry from the swarms of people on a summer market day, but not a ghost town, either.
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Onions look like gems, so smooth and lovely in their off-spherical shape. Cippolini and purple beauties.
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Greens are not all green, but they are all good, and make the best winter rainbows.
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Carrots to blow your mind at the winter market. Some are deep purple, some pale gold, some run of the mill orange. Each has a slightly different taste and texture, generally very fresh and crisp, without the heavy density that a more typical carrot embodies.
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More carrot color.
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Savoy cabbage is more delicate and cooks more quickly than typical green (or red) cabbage. The lacey look of the leaves matches the tender texture.
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Many of the vegetables at the winter market are gnarly looking roots; others are gorgeous tones of purple, red, orange and green. Artists: bring a paintbrush.
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Sunchokes are amongst the gnarliest-looking of the winter bounty.
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Getting through the tough skins is often the hardest part of preparing winter squash; make sure your knife is very sharp.
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