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Timberline Lodge
Wild About Game's new location offered a true hunting-lodge feel and views of Mt Jefferson's wilderness areas, an ideal setting for the celebration of regional game meat. Photo: Allison Jones
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Charcuterie Galore
Chop Butchery and Olympic Provisions provided bites of their artisan salami, patés, and rillettes. Photo: Allison Jones
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Salt and Cheese
The Meadow's Mark Bitterman set up a salt-tasting table across from Steve Jones' Cheese Bar spread. Photo: Allison Jones
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Chocolate Meets Meat
David Briggs of Xocolatl de David offered up foietella (foie gras and chocolate spread) in addition to pigs blood chocolate, chicharrones, and brown butter bars. Photo: Allison Jones
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Get Schooled
Anthony Cafiero of the upcoming Ración and Greg Denton of Ox demonstrated their modern techniques. Cafiero demo'd a playful approach to pork tongue, cheek, and belly, while Denton explained the science behind his popular foie gras marshmallows. Photo: Allison Jones
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Chris Carriker of the Gilt Club
Chris Carriker battled Carrie Mashaney of Spinasse with pheasant. Photo: Allison Jones
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Nathan Lockwood of Seattle's Altura
Though pitted against top PDX chef Gregory Gourdet, Lockwood won the elk face-off (and the overall Judges' Choice award) with his beet and elk crudo alongside a rustic hunter's stew with handmade cavatelli pasta. Photo: Allison Jones
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Gregory Gourdet of Departure
People's Choice winner Gourdet showcased his signature blend of Asian flavors and local ingredients with his slow cooked elk dish and a veritable garden of Northwest garnishes. Gourdet Photo: Allison Jones
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Johnathan Sundstrom of Lark and Carrie Mashaney of Spinasse
Sundstrom battled Chris Israel (the only PDX chef to win his heat) with rabbit, and Mashaney beat Chris Carriker with her pheasant-stuffed squash blossoms. Photo: Allison Jones
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Jenn Louis of Lincoln
Louis faced off against Cormac Mahoney of Madison Park Conservatory in the quail round with a fresh and flavorful quail banh mi. Photo: Allison Jones
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Cormac Mahoney of Madison Park Conservatory
Seattle's Mahoney won the quail battle with his elegant quail atop a sautée of summer corn, pancetta, and lobster mushrooms. Photo: Allison Jones
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Chris Israel of Gruner
Israel was the lone Portland chef to dominate his showdown with an elegant rabbit choucroute garni (and a winning smile). Photo: Allison Jones
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