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Closed Due to Gasoline Shortage
Lines formed at area gas stations in response to government gas rationing, and some Portland businesses restricted sales even further.
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No More Gas Today
Hitching a ride to work was harder without Portland's modern transit system and bike lanes.
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Gas Stealers Beware
Gas wars? Gun rights? Colors that inspired later-day Instagram filters? The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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Iregular House Due to Gas Shortage
This window display hints at the struggle local businesses suffered attempting to operate without fuel for workers' transportation—as well as a potentially unrelated struggle with spelling.
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Regular Customer Only
A Portland-area gas station restricting sales to regular customers.
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Power Shortage Has Us in the Dark
Hazel Dell, Washington's now-51-year-old Steakburger Restaurant was challenged by the oil crisis in its prime.
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Gas Sales Limited
A Portland-area gas station restricting sales to regular customers.
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Our Lights Are Off to Save Energy
Nothing says energy conscientiousness like an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen!
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