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David, student, on SW Stark
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I like details and the history and nostalgia of men's fashion. I take pleasure in getting dressed nicely and the ritual of it. I take the time to choose pieces, I like to think of getting dressed as an art form." HIS LOOK hat: found on the street jacket: Nautica pants: American Apparel shirt: Calvin Klein handkerchief: thrifted tie: thrifted pocket watch: yard sale shoes: Johnson & Murphy's bag: thrifted tie clip: thrifted
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Sahlia, designer, on SE 11th
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I like to invest in well made basics then pile on the accessories to change it up. I like contrast in a look, a little bit of edge with a little bit of femme, or to mix rustic pieces with some that are more polished. My favorite looks are the ones that keep it breezy but look totally put together at the same time." HER LOOK scarf: Lizard Lounge tank: Charles & Victoria blazer: Talula leggings: Luna boots: Born necklace: Sahlia bracelets: Sahlia watch: Nixon
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Vanessa, designer, on SW Yamhill
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I wear tights and dresses 6 days a week. I like to be comfortable. I usually have crazy hair." HER LOOK dress: self-made tights: H&M shoes: Target bag: thrifted bicycle: Windsor
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Kent, musician and stylist, on NW Flanders
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I'm inspired by the British Isles, Ivy League, Tom Ford, and the Pacific Northwest." HIS LOOK shirt: APC pants: J.Crew tie: J.Crew belt: J.Crew shoes: Cole Haan backpack: Deena & Ozzy sunglasses: Ray Ban
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Karen, photographer, on SW Stark
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "What I wear has to be comfortable and make me feel awesome." HER LOOK headband: Rraps scarf: Nest sweater: Target top: Anthropologie necklace: Cre8 Beauty pants: J Crew shoes: 9 West bracelet: from Trinidad rings: Sundance, Tiffany & Co, James Avery
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Cyan, artist, on N Shaver
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I dress for where I wish I was - like the English countryside." HER LOOK glasses: vintage Bausch + Lomb scarf: naked lady party sweater: naked lady party blazer: stolen from boyfriend bag: naked lady party skirt: found on street tights: flea market shoes: vintage
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Stuart, painter, on SW 3rd
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I like fur coats and I wear a lot of black. My style is rock and roll." HIS LOOK scarf: from Paris jacket liner: London Fog vest: Nautica jean jacket, cut off pins: from friends bands jeans: Banana Republic shoes: Florsheim sunglasses: Laura Biagiatti leather cuff: made by Stuart belt: made by Stuart ring: Gordon and Smith chief ring watch: thrifted
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Joanna, production assistant, on SW Alder
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "My wardrobe is small but made up of high-quality pieces that I love and wear to death. I like wool, cotton, and silk. I don't like bright colors. I'm inspired by Scandinavia." HER LOOK shirt: girl. by Band of Outsiders cardigan: Wood Wood jeans: Acne shoes: Rachel Comey sunglasses: Karen Walker necklace: Iacoli & McAllister tote bag: from a bookstore in Oslo
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Emily, designer, on NE Mallory
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "The goal is to dress for yourself, but not ever be embarrassed to leave the house and never try too hard." HER LOOK jumpsuit: Filly Designs, fall 2010 collection top: gift from friend boots: thrifted earrings: thrifted dog: Chocolate Lab named Bello
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Ryan, community school employee, on NE Alberta
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I like to dress like a gentleman. If I'm going to go out of the house, I want to make sure I look respectable." HIS LOOK hat: True glasses: source unknown scarf: American Apparel shirt: American Apparel sweater: American Apparel jeans: Levi's belt: thrifted belt buckle: from Tennessee shoes: Born
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Karyn, artist, on NW Quimby
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "My style is simple complexity. Simple being the muted color stories in my clothes while complexity is my spirited jewelry obsession and wildly curly hair." HER LOOK glasses: Hobo necklaces: Twist cardigan: Free People dress: Anthroplogie shoes: Mohawk bracelets: Twist rings: Jamie Joseph, Sticks & Stones, Free People
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Vicki, yoga instructor, on NW Couch
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I like to be comfortable. I mix a little bit of pretty with a little bit of edgy. My style is urban bohemian." HER LOOK dress: Hoss shoes: Steve Madden bag: Hermes watch: Adidas
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Katie, executive assistant, on NW Everett
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "Don't pay full price, be creative, take your time, and dress nice. I try to dress sunny." HER LOOK dress: Matix button-up: Paperboy scarf: World Market jeans: Joe's Jeans shoes: Jeffrey Campbell bracelets: PacSun rings: from Hawaii necklace: thrifted
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Owen, student and stylist, on NW Davis
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I'm influenced by workwear, military uniforms, and the proper English gentleman." HIS LOOK shirt: thrifted pants: J.Crew bow tie: J.Crew shoes: Red Wing bag: Thomas Mason
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Julia, comic artist, on N Mississippi
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "I usually always wear at least one thing that's hand made, and almost all my clothes are thrifted." HER LOOK scarf: made by mom cardigan: Urban Outfitters t-shirt: made by Julia belt: thrifted jeans: thrifted shoes: thrifted necklace: gift from boyfriend (made from his grandfathers pocket knife)
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Megan, model, on NW 23rd
FASHION PHILOSOPHY "When it comes to clothes I look for fit and whatever looks good. I love fashion." HER LOOK shawl: boutique in Orange County jacket: Forever 21 jeans: Frankie B belt: vintage bag: Nicole Lee boots: Scheller lipstick: MAC
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