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Downstairs at Beam & Anchor is the retail shop. It's a deep warehouse space on North Interstate Avenue, nearly under the I-5 Freeway spaghetti overpasses, yet doused with white light from the bank of windows facing west.
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The Beam & Anchor retail shop brings in browsers who sometimes head upstairs to see where some of the items on the retail floor are made. Here, Phloem furniture maker Ben Klebba talks to a potential customer about his pieces, including the chairs to the left.
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Shop space upstairs – and heavy machinery – is shared by several furniture makers. In their spare time, a couple of them are building canoes.
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Soap making includes a mixture of kitchen and chemistry. Also, patience.
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Even a cloudy day brings bright light into the second floor western facing workspaces at Beam & Anchor. Tracks for the Interstate MAX light rail line are right outside the windows.
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Cluttered shop space is also a ready setting for vignettes (deliberate or not) of beautiful and odd objects.
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Leland and his dog, the upholsterers of the shop space.
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Refreshing cushioned seating takes time and tools, but the banner reminds us all that we Americans are proud, and blessed by God.
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The "conference room" table has many duties, including holding boxes of doughnuts on occasion. The chair at the head of the table was made years ago by the father of one of the furniture makers who rents space in the shop, Ben Klebba. (Dad even works with Ben a couple days a week.)
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A project in process. Something old will be transformed into...something else!
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