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University of Portland mechanical engineering student Kevin Kadooka is honing the Duo twin lens camera for spring sale. Made of plywood, the build-it-yourself kits are tailored for Polaroid film. “I want to let photographers have a different experience than they have with digital,” Kadooka says. duo-tlr.blogspot.com

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For a free-spirited new vision of sports and outdoors journalism, see the online Yonder Journal.Portland writer-photographer Daniel Pasley and New York photographer Emiliano Granado launched the project with a multimedia story on cycling from LA to Bakersfield, reports on Umpqua Valley hot springs and hunting in Canada’s Northwest Territories, and a wide-ranging manifesto on “American frontiers.” Pasley says: “We always wanted an outlet that reflected how we felt about the outdoors and culture. In the end, we just had to make one ourselves.” The results so far are textured, fun, and intriguing. yonderjournal.com 

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Magic Fades makes sparkly early-’90s R&B a little weirder with odd samples and hypnotically slow beats. Live at Mississippi Studios, Mar 21

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Old Town’s Table of Contents represents a new level of hypercuration, with A-list magazines, furniture, and fashion alongside in-house products including cast-brass tchotchkes. tableofcontents.us

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Solestruck presented its latest To Be Announced shoe line—created in Portland, made in Spain—at January’s Copenhagen Fashion Week. solestruck.com

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Portland entrepreneur David Lee and his father discovered the La Flute wine opener at Seoul’s Korean Exhibition of Patented Technologies and licensed it for US release. The wine glass–shaped device prevents cork debris and includes a built-in foil cutter. thelaflute.com

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