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Portland-rooted photos capture two-wheeled grit: Lanakila MacNaughton’s portraits of women with motorcycles hang at moto-themed café See See this month before moving on to Los Angeles; cycling blog Manual for Speed documented Giro d’Italia and Colombian racers. womensmotoexhibit.com and manualforspeed.com
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Enso Winery's Portland Sangria blends rosé and Northwest berry juice. And it comes in a neato pouch!
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Adidas’s “innovation team” in Portland and Germany began investigating springboards, pole-vaulting, and motorcycle suspensions back in 2007. The result: the Springblade, a running shoe racked with angled springs to evoke “levitation.” On shelves Aug 1, $180
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Charlie Kawasaki watched his daughter burn through alkaline batteries until it hit him: why not a RedBox-style battery exchange? His start-up, Bettery, now swaps out rechargeable AA and AAA batteries from six locations in Portland and Seattle. Customers pay $2.50 for a charged-up four-pack. betteryinc.com
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Magic Mouth's sweat-soaked "post-funk" could be your summer hot-date music. New album set for August release; magicmouth.bandcamp.com
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