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Part 1: A native Oklahoman, Thuy Nguyen-Steinberg sees 'The Last Supper' "improved" with graffiti at an NYC museum. 2: Later, she spies a shower curtain printed with French provincial scenes. 3: In Portland, she combines these influences in witty embroidered pillows, giving rustic kitsch a bright, spiky punk makeover.
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New Portland brand Kiriko makes scarves, pocket squares, and ties from imported antique Japanese cloth, including century-old dyed work and bolts of kimono fabric.
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Mary Robinette Kowal continues her Jane Austen–meets–magic series in 'Without a Summer'. Tor, $25
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After a 2012 stint at an American Film Institute workshop for female directors, Portland filmmaker Sarah Gertrude Shapiro screened Sequin Raze, an intense-looking black comedy about a reality TV show’s turn into darkness, at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Trailer.
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On 'Love Weapons', the duo Themes spins pop drama with keys, guitars, drums, horns, and voice
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Design firm Tater Tot aimed to make the world’s thinnest flashlight. “We wanted something you could stick in your wallet, but still use to light a room,” says cofounder Tom Worley. The FlatLight, only 3 mm thick, combines LEDs with fiber-optic technology similar to that in backlit Mac keyboards. A proprietary algorithm manages the rechargeable battery’s life. Worley says: “You get light for 10 to 12 hours.”
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