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Katie Lee's 6 Shades of Gray chair
University of Oregon Product Design Program student Katie Lee designed the 6 Shades of Gray chair for her studio's Wilsonart laminate semester project competition. She won the competition and got to show her chair at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. Hand-Eye Supply has a webpost about her chair and the other student efforts.
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MammaFotogramma's Woodskin material
Bendable, pliable plywood – a plywood surface applied to a “high-performance mesh composite that is scored on a CNC mill to facilitate textile-like movement.” The technology was originally developed for an open-source design competition in 2012, Autoprogettazione 2.0, and used for MF's animation work. They've since applied it – literally – to building material.
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Woodskin clads a desk at Allez Up climbing gym
MammaFotogramma used the wood material in the lobby of a rock climbing gym in Montreal.
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Jet Pack Backpack from Tessel Supply
Two young industrial design students, Aaron Puglisi and Daniel Shirley, from Salt Lake City have been fascinated by triangles ever since childhood. Tessellation inspired their company name, though it's probably a word they didn't know as kids. Their Kickstarter project to manufacture the Tessel Jet Pack Backpack has far surpassed its $17,000 goal (they've raised over $53k with 32 hours to go in the month long effort).
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Geodesic Dome home kit from Timberline
Who said only Buckminster Fuller could live in a geodesic dome? Several companies sell kits from which to build your own dome home. It's not an overnight project, however.
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Escapehatch with their geodesic dome at Sasquatch
Hand-Eye Supply sponsored an Industrious Minds Fellowship; the winning team was Escapehatch, who built and lived in a geodesic dome at the recent Sasquatch music festival.
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Escapehatch geodesic dome = happiness
It's all good times in the geodesic dome at Sasquatch.
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Nike Roshe Run Metric Black Sneakers
What to wear in your geodesic dome? These snazzy sneaks sport a black and silver triangulated pattern. They'll run you $100 (though they're out of stock at the moment on the Nike website).
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