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Winery owner Jan Marc, of Jan-Marc Cellars, was on hand to offer tastings of his Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bastard Red (no that’s not a typo).
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12 Wineries were represented at this years’ Urban Wine Experience. Bow & Arrow, Clay Pigeon Winery, Division Winemaking Company, ENSO Winery, Fullerton Wines, Helioterra Wines, Hip Chicks Do Wine, Jan-Marc Wine Cellars, Seven Bridges Winery, Vincent Wine Company, Viola Wines, and last minute arrival Fausse Piste Winery.
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Not quite red, not quite white, rosé wines have become a favorite summer-sipper.
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While there were many different varietals on display, the clear king of the day was Pinot Noir—Oregon’s number 1 produced varietal by almost a three to one ratio.
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Smell is one of the most important elements of wine tasting. Our sense of smell comes from an area of the brain called the Limbic System, which is also the area of the brain where taste resides. Memory and emotion are located in there as well, which accounts for how wine can make us fondly remember another place and time. And now you know.
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