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Allen smokes pork shoulders, chicken thighs, and ribs for hours, forming a thick bark and intensely oak-smoked, tender meat. People's Pig also offers the meat trifecta in sandwich form, held between two slices of Allen’s homemade sourdough roll.
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Melt-in-your-mouth tender ribs, smoked to oblivion with Allen's nondenominational barbecue sauce for dipping.He plans to add a few deep-fried goodies to the menu, including hush puppies and ham croquettes. A liquor license is on its way, with the promise of beer on tap.
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The 300 square foot shack holds 20 seats with blueprints to expand into the weed-ridden lot behind the restaurant with outdoor picnic tables and a roof, adding an additional 30 seats.
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Little has changed inside the down-home North Williams space, formerly Tropicana Barbecue.
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Supremely crunchy, juicy chicken thighs are smoked for three hours before getting breaded and deep-fried. Pictured here in sandwich form.
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