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Roosevelt's new space is an intimate, 20-seat dining room complete with black walnut tabletops, dark panelled booths, and a cozy four-seat bar.
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Left: Pickled Roosevelt Elk Tongue, tossed in a salad of bush berries and mustard seeds; Right: Elk chandelier, custom-crafted by Artistic Taxidermy.
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Bechard likes to use the appropriate pronouns on his menu: Fallow Dear Heart Tartare with His Marrow.
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A beast of a plate packed with confited duck leg, elk thigh and kidney meatballs, braised rabbit leg, and a whole quail head for good measure.
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Dessert: An unsuspecting, Scandinavian-influenced "Blood Pancake," flavored with rabbit's blood, barley flour and birch syrup.
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In addition to a brief list of wines and ciders, Roosevelt offers an entire section of "American Wild Ales"—a reserve of sour beers from Portland and beyond.
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The Kingdom of Roosevelt sitting off a busy stretch of César E. Chávez Blvd at 2035 SE 39th Ave.
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