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Living room fireplace is marble; walls are the original "pickled wood" – pickling was a method of making the walls look aged yet elegant.
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The living room faces west and opens at its corner to the newly rebuilt deck.
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Fireplace on feature wall of living room, paneled in hardwood. The swanky, curving sofa seems custom-made for the room, but was originally in the Wong's Pearl District office.
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Trish Grantham's artwork adorns many of the walls of the art loving Wong family's house. The expansive living opens to floor to ceiling windows on two sides.
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View from living room through the pass-through wet bar into the dining room. Such touches make the house a perfect setting for an elegant cocktail party, in the 1950s or now.
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The dining room - view into the living room includes fireplace and pass-through bar.
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Child's room includes Trish Grantham murals.
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Master bathroom: sinks and fixtures (Crane hardware) are original – and buoyantly glamorous in keeping with the style of the house.
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Glam details: transom lights flank the front door. The white-painted wood and geometric pattern are both intriguingly atypical of the popular, more rustic Northwest Regional Modernism so many architects were practicing at that time in the 1950s.
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"Hi Honey, I'm home!" – The door knob of the front door is unapologetically oversized.
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Stylized and spare wood ceiling of entryway. The brick clad entry is set back from the busy, curving street and flanked by a carport.
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