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Master-Draper Backyard Cottage
What was once a garage to a big house (both built in 1912) is now an energy-efficient art studio and compact "second home" on the Southeast Portland lot. Salvaged items include the farm sink and railings made from wine barrel staves.
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Peterson Backyard Cottage
Owner Kol Peterson built his two-story 800 square foot ADU to max out the square footage allowed by city regulations for the site; it sits in the backyard of the house he bought some years ago. Ingenious use of interior space maxes out how the place feels. He's helped by partner Deborah, who is a veteran of ADU living. Kol will lead a workshop on building ADUs prior to the start of the tour (9 a.m.-10 a.m. workshop at his ADU).
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Firpo Backyard Cottage
Susan Firpo wore her owner/designer/general contractor hat to create this 500 square foot cottage, detailing it with elements such as deep eaves and narrow board siding to blend it with the 1908 home on the property already.
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Quade Residence, ADU and Studio
Owners Marcia Tate and Walt Quade subdivided, developed, designed and built their single family home, ADU and studio on a large lot, as part of a collective. Sustainability features range from beehive to ecoroof, thermal mass wall to radiant in-floor heating.
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Neimann Backyard Cottage
An old garage was deconstructed to make way for this high-performance, energy-efficient cottage filled with quality insulation features from the foundation (separated from the ground by rigid board) on up to the roof.
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Fuller Backyard Cottage
Like many owners of ADUs, Brian Fuller rents out the main house and lives in his energy-efficient, compact new building. The financial advantages to this sort of investment are obvious.
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