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Built by Tony Soter (of Soter Vineyards) when he moved from Napa Valley in 1999, the 900-square-foot Beacon Hill Cabin sits atop 22 acres planted with pinot noir, riesling, chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. While Beacon Hill doesn't currently produce its own wine, its grapes are used by wineries such as Soter, White Rose, and Andrew Rich among others.
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Backed by a curtain of trees—prime strolling turf—the lighthouse-like cabin actually inspired the name of the property (Beacon Hill). Constructed almost entirely from reclaimed cedar once used as a barn on the property, the cabin oozes charm and history. Part of the charm: A visit to the spacious rain shower requires two steps across the deck, as the bathroom shares a wall with the house, but not a door. So don't forget your slippers!
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Downstairs you'll find a tiny—but totally workable—kitchenette; two leather recliners, ideal for reading; an expandable dining room table, and a collection of games (from classics like Backgammon to oenophile endeavors like Wineopoly) to keep you entertained—something you'll appreciate since there's no television or Wi-Fi up here. But the star of the lower level, especially in winter, remains the quaint, cozy-making wood stove. (Don't worry, there are electric heaters in every room, too.)
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The cabin-wrapping wall of windows upstairs lets you wake up to an unparalleled view of vineyards unfolding into the Willamette Valley ... without so much as having to get out of your queen bed. Turn your head the other way and you'll drink in the sight (and sound) of an early morning woodland scene.
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On warmer days, a sprawling wraparound deck offers a prime place to post up following your day of tasting (highly regarded Bergstrom Wines and Archery Summit are just a few miles away). Pour yourself a glass and watch the soft evening shades wash the Willamette Valley in a bath of green, purple, and amber hues. Plus: a massive barbecue sits primed for grilling that dry-aged Carlton Farms steak you picked up along the way.
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And on cooler nights, cozy up among candlelight and a wood-stove delight. Then wake up to this majestic scene come morning.
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If you find yourself taking one last, long look at this serene escape, we won't blame you. We took about three.
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