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Just one mile from Port Orford, the 540-square-foot Muse Guest House sits surrounded by coastal forest near two other homes, though clever design prevents them from being visible from anywhere in the house.
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Separated from the rest of the house by an open-air balcony, the living room connects to the patio and that postcard-worthy view of the Pacific.
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A 14-by-28-foot, wind-protected deck promises plenty of leg-stretching room...
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...and eye-popping views.
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In the other part of the house, you'll find a pint-size but perfectly functional kitchen (including a Keurig coffee maker), bathroom, and bedroom sporting a soft queen bed and a funky electric wall fireplace.
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An enclosed outdoor rain shower makes for a unique showering experience. But a word to the wise: make sure the front door is locked first since it opens directly into the shower area.
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Should you need to upsize, the neighboring 2,500-square-foot China Mountain house (Robertson's home when he and his wife are in town) sleeps four and boasts a master bedroom with a telescope to give you another perspective on those plentiful views.
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