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Greatest career achievement post Runway:
Besides receiving my BFA, I’m thrilled to be part of FashioNxt, which takes place during Port- land Fashion Week.
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Did the show accurately represent your style?
Sort of. I landed on the show when I was a few weeks shy of graduating with my degree in Apparel Design so I didn’t really have time to define my post-school style when I was on the show. I’ve been back from that ‘fashion boot camp’ for one and a half years now and my style is more concentrated and defined.
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Why do you think Portlanders seem to make it on the show so often?
Well, we are quite enthusiastic here about embracing the unusual and creative. We also have an abundance of unique characters that Project Runway just loves to throw in the mix; remember the show is for entertainment purposes after all.
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Why did you choose to stay in Portland?
Why would I leave behind all of my friends, family, support network, contacts… Besides, I love Portland. It feels like home. We recycle, we are creative, we embrace quirky, and we love our bacon.
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Do you think it's possible to make it as a fashion designer if you stay here?
I think if you are passionate and have enough business sense you can make it anywhere. It’s not about location anymore; it’s about smart marketing with a great product.
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What's the next big thing around the corner for you?
After a scheduled trip to Paris, I’m going to be working on my next collection for FashioNxt in October.
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If given the chance, would you do it again?
Everything we experience defines who we currently are, and I think regrets are a waste of time. Yes, I would do it again. Project Runway All-Stars...? Call me.
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