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Meet the woman behind the camera, Holly Andres, and her nine—yes nine—siblings, circa 1982 in Missoula. Holly is on far left.
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Senior editor Kasey Cordell (left) with her sister, Tami, in full 1985 sweater and turtleneck regalia. They are accompanied by a Cabbage Patch Kid and its ugly cousin the Koosa (names withheld).
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Art director Kate Madden looking super excited on the morning of her first communion in 1986 (ish), with her brother, Sean, in their Vancouver home.
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Oh, the 1990s, when we, too, loved the smell of hairspray on the curling iron in the morning. Thanks for the memory, Eden Dawn, pictured here with her dad and brother (and braces) in Salem, where a future style editor was born.
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The Peach family celebrates Fourth of July, 1989. From left to right: Katee Peach with guinea pig Goofy, Jerry Peach with dog Thunder, Cindy Peach with a rat tail (not visible in picture), and hair stylist Kelly Peach with a gigantic guinea pig named Daniel.
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The beautiful Lisac family: Mackenzie, Nash, Tracy and Steve Lisac ("Dad" in our spring fashion feature).
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Nicole McCullough (our teenage daughter) with her mom and brother
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