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Chunky Vegetable Pot Pie
A flaky, buttery, dream-like pie crust encompasses hearty chunks of carrot, celery, onion, sweet potato, green beans, peas, and mushrooms. $8
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Macaroni & Cheese
A thick, creamy roux of almond milk, millet flour, nutritional yeast and vegan cheese clings to organic quinoa elbow noodles. The pasta is made perfect by perfectly seasoned house made breadcrumbs that elevate this dish to astronomical heights. $7
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Blue Corn Tacos + Biscuits & Gravy
(L) Three Sisters tortillas encase a bed of black beans and hearty, healthy bites of roasted sweet potato, parsnip. and carrots. The tacos are garnished with thick wedges of avocado and served with blue corn chips. $7 (R) Sweet, hearty housemade biscuits served smothered with the gravy of the week. We tried a fabulous fennel-apple-sweet-potato gravy; look forward to exciting new concoctions with Cajun, Mexican, and fruity influences. $7
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Roasted Beet Salad
The jewel-toned roasted beet salad bursts with complementary flavors: salty nuts & chevre cheese, crisp cucumber & arugula, and sweet, tangy beets & citrus. $6.50
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Grilled Sandwiches
Perfectly toasted Happy Campers bread plays a crucial roll in these gourmet grilled sandwiches. Options include grilled cheese royale, tomato mozzarella & pesto (L); grilled vegetable deluxe (R); cashew butter banana agave & cinnamon, and good ol' PB&J. $7
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Spinach Lasagna
Portland’s own Heidi Ho Veganics produces a mind-blowing hazelnut ricotta exclusively for Petunia’s expertly baked brown rice lasagna. Trust us, you’ll want to try this. $8.50
Petunia's Macaroni & Cheese
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Mom’s Chili & Cornbread
This hearty chili is loaded with black and pinto beans, corn, and quinoa, topped with melted cheddar and avocado, and served with sweet molasses cornbread. Just like mom used to make, minus the dairy and gluten! $6/8.50
Petunia's Macaroni & Cheese
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