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The small, 42-seat room (including a 12-stool bar) maintains Podnah’s minimalist aesthetic, but with a new level of detail. Pressed tin panels line the concrete bar top, artful tiles cover the walls and floor in turquoise and adobe while backlit Texas lone stars illuminate the stained wooden booths.
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Nachos, covered in hunks of smoked brisket from Podnah's Pit next door.
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The Xanarita, from newly appointed ace bartender Kevin Ludwig. The vibrant margarita spin-off is mixed with carrot juice, cilantro simple syrup, and cumin sprinkled over the top.
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Thick, elastic queso fundido, bubbly brown around the edges and topped with meaty, stewed chanterelles.
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Tacos are $2.50 a pop, served on Portland's Three Sisters Nixtamal tortillas. Pictured right, spicy carnitas and house-ground chorizo with a dollop of sour cream.
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Spicy, soul-warming posole verde thick with shredded chicken and hominy.
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