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Kimchi Stew ($12)
This hearty bowl of sweet, spicy, and salty broth packs a punch with daikon and cabbage kimchi, tofu, onions, cilantro, and a side of rice to soak it all up.
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Oxtail Curry Sandwich ($11)
Johanna Ware's headlining dish, a superbly spiced oxtail and coconut curry with scotch bonnet sauce, gets a makeover on the lunch menu care of a toasty bun and satisfying side of paper-thin plantain chips.
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"Steak and Eggs" ($14)
Brunch meets bibimbap in this creamy, sweet, and savory bowl layered with warm rice, tender hanger steak, sweet chili sauce, a just-right fried egg, and a dollop of creme fraiche.
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Crispy Chicken Curry ($12)
Creamy peanut curry blankets chicken with crispy skin intact and gets a generous sprinkle of sweet peanuts and tarragon cabbage slaw.
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Fried 6 Minute Egg ($2)
This happy hour favorite is a welcome $2 side at lunch, offering up a decadent golden yolk spiked with spicy Chinese mustard.
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