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Modern Domestic recently started carrying a small selection of fabrics, so they can be a one-stop shop for all you need to sew. Bolt is only a few blocks away, however, with its excellent collection of well-curated, fun and beautiful fabrics.
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Examples of some of what you can make in one of the Modern Domestic classes: machine quilted potholders. Note the many different quilting patterns in these samples.
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Not your grandmother's quilt (or maybe it is?): beautiful, abstract and creative.
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The quilting machine, with its frame, handles large quilts much more easily than a small desktop machine ever could. This machine allows you to "draw" with the quilting needle to create the pattern, rather than have to move the fabric of the quilt through the machine to create your design.
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Another example of what you could make at a sewing studio like Modern Domestic: fabric napkins, easy to do, with edges hemmed by a "serger."
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Ever have the urge to serge? This is your machine. Getting a lesson on the serger is a much quicker route to becoming a sergeon than going to medical school would be. However, your stitching will be limited to fabric edges.
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Fabric for design and architecture nerds!
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Fabric for urban design lovers! This is from Jay McCarroll for Free Spirit, the Center City series of patterns. Ironically, this one is called Los Angeles. Can you identify what part of LA this would be?
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Haptic Lab makes quilt patterns for different city plans, including Portland.
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