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Gleaming rosewood and dramatic grain patterns make this wall cabinet system aesthetically appealing; flexible components that allow you to move shelves and boxes, and insert flip-front desks, make it perfectly suitable to any needs. Find similar by Poul Cadovius at 1stdibs.com.

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Streamlined 1960s cool, with a tufted back for a swathe of glamour and sleek legs making it light on its feet, the Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel is a practical and pretty centerpiece for the couple’s living room. $1,699 at Crate & Barrel, 7267 SW Bridgeport Rd, Tigard, crateandbarrel.com

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McSween likes the “classic Scandinavian shape” of the Diod glasses from Ikea; Ryan enjoys the vibrant red and blue colors and hand-blown craftsmanship. Everyone can appreciate the price. From $1.99 at Ikea, 10280 NE Cascades Pkwy, ikea.com

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McSween’s architect uncle had a bright red Eames lounge chair by the famed couple in his living room. For both nostalgia and design, McSween currently pines for this emblem of midcentury modern style. From $4,499 at Design Within Reach, 1200 NW Everett St, dwr.com

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Created in 1930 by Mies van der Rohe, the iconic stainless steel and leather Barcelona couch provides long lines and a clean silhouette that make it both sexy and understated in any space. From $8,856 at Design Within Reach, 1200 NW Everett St, dwr.com

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If McSween had his way, everything in their home would be white. Ryan, however, prefers pops of color scattered against the neutrals, and these vivid Marki pillows by Missoni provide the perfect accent.
$332 at allmodern.com

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A fun gizmo for all, the Soda-Stream Genesis turns boring Portland tap water into fizzy sodas in just 30 seconds. With no electricity or batteries needed, and a reusable bottle, it’s also environmentally smart. $99.95 at Sur La Table, 1102 NW Couch St, surlatable.com

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