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Inspired by the original LaCrosse industrial boot, the Hixon comes in two heights. Fleece-lined with hand-crafted rubber over 4 mm neoprene, the Hixon ensures dry, warm (and chic) feet. $120 for 12-inch Hixon, $150 for 15-inch.
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The 15-inch version of the Hixon also comes with a removable fur cuff for an extra bit of flair.
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Weighing in at about two pounds lighter than the Hixon, the Myrick's waterproof bottom keeps your feet dry, while a fleece-lined knit upper keeps it warm. Available in 10-inch or 14-inch versions ($125/$145)
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Rated to withstand temps as low as -20, the fleece-lined, fur-topped Rollick also sports a water-resistant upper. Perfect for marathon snowball fights. $175
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