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Koi Fusion's new D-Street offerings. Kwon plans to serve weekly rotating Korean-American specials, like Korean nachos, gyros and noodle dishes.
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A space-aged triptych from prolific local artist Gage Hamilton.
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A deep-fried, bacon-wrapped "K Dog," with kimchi-marinated sauerkraut, wasabi mayo, and nori flakes.
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Koi Fusion owner Bo Kwon.
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Korean-style Reuben with locally-made rye bread and Cascade pastrami, topped with kimchi sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Sriracha-Thousand Island dressing.
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Vivid communal tables from local artist Gage Hamilton.
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Kimchi cheese steak with short rib or beef bulgogi, provolone, swiss, jack cheese and peppers.
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