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Brindza Pashtet: A thick sheep's cheese, spiced with paprika and served with Russian rye.
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Chicken Liver Pashtet: Buckwheat pancakes with fresh, sweet, berry preserves and a thick, creamy chicken liver spread.
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Tvorog Vareniki: Thick-skinned dumplings the size of half-dollars, stuffed with fresh, tangy farmers cheese, and tossed in butter and scallions.
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Crispy Beef Tongue: Fatty, tender tongue, slow-cooked in beef tallow (an improvement on the usual boiled beef method), crisped on the plancha, and served over sweet onion puree.
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Baltic Sprat Buterbrodi: Tiny smoked fish, akin to mackerel, stacked on squares of pumpernickel toast holding eggs and a swath of parsley mayo.
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Plombyr Sandwiches: Russia’s beloved convenience store ice cream treat. Morales makes a frozen whipped custard semifreddo, smooshes it between two layers of wafer, and serves it with a black currant caramel sauce.
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