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Jake Martin's colorful spin on Italian antipasti features poached bay scallops with basil cream, shaved beets, smoked steelhead roe, and basil seeds.
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The Insalata di Calimari showcases flower-like squid atop slices of apple, kohlrabi, and fennel, with a flavorful touch of Pernod.
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On the vegetarian menu, diners will find this "Crema Saporita" with compressed cucumber, savory yogurt cream, and oil-cured black olives.
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This colorful cauliflower salad is a spin on classic Italian flavors, mixing lemon, capers brown butter, breadcrumbs, and black garlic with cauliflower prepared three ways.
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Keeping in touch with Genoa's history, the pasta course is alive and well. This Gnudi Verde combines herbed dumplings with slow-roasted onions, herb oil, and amaranth sprouts.
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Delicately poached sole is wrapped in tender leeks and set on a slash of black mascarpone tinted with squid ink with braised radishes and salsa verde.
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Elevating a classic: Martin's pan-roasted chicken is paired with house smoked mussels and a savory pan sauce with fried celery root.
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