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The Attitude
Bar Vivant aims to be a raucous bar where guests are encouraged to eat communally, get comfortable, and throw their napkins on the floor. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 2 am; Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 2 am. Photo: Allison Jones
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The Decor
Outside and in, the new space is a mash-up of European collectables and wall art, including movie posters, velvet wallpaper, street signs, bird cages, and a giant toro making its home on the roof. Photo: Allison Jones
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The Pastry Case
As guests enter the new Pix, they're greeted by the colorful selection of sweet treats. From there, a trip to the left leads to the stand-up tapas bar, and a veer to the right brings them to the sit-down service area with full bar set-up and a wall of wine. Photo: Allison Jones
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The Tapas
Owner Cheryl Wakerhauser has curated a wide selection of $1 to $5 tapas, including Tortilla Española, Pimientos de Padrón, Boquerones, Bacon Wrapped Dates, Mushroom Vol-o-vents, Empanadas, oysters on the half shell from the folks behind EaT Oyster Bar, and much, much more. Also on the menu: Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, carved to order at the bar. Photo: Allison Jones
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How to Order
If you're seated at a table, you'll get a menu of the day's options, but if you'd rather see the spread for yourself, the staff behind the tapas bar will take your order and open a tab. Just point to what looks good and start collecting small plates! Photo: Allison Jones
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The Patio
With several sections for outdoor seating and wall space for movie screenings, Bar Vivant is bound to be a go-to spot for warm Indian Summer evenings. Photo: Allison Jones
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The Bar
Serving up a list of 15 aperitifs--think Benedictine, Campari, Lillet Blanc, and Chartrueuse--in addition to 12 cocktails like The Royal Kir Royale, LE Margarita, and Pix Piña Colada, no one at Bar Vivant stays thirsty for long. Photo: Allison Jones
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The Drink Menu
In addition to cocktails and the traditional tapas bar vino offerings of txakoli and tinto, Bar Vivant lists over 150 offerings of Champagne, including older vintages, 20 Spécial Clubs, and large formats, 27 Sherries by the glass, still wine from France, Spain and Oregon (focusing on small producers with sustainable practices), dessert wines like Port and Tokaji, and 4 taps of beer and cider (with 30 additional bottles available). Photo: Allison Jones
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