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Skip the line!
Like Salt & Straw's other locations, your ice cream cravings can be satisfied without a long wait by grabbing a pint and some spoons to go. Want to get to know the flavors a bit better before you buy? Grab a menu.
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Salt & Straw SE
The new scoop shop was designed by Andee Hess from Portland's Osmose Design, the firm behind the interiors at Ava Gene's, Astoria's Commodore Hotel, and Caffe Allora.
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Sail away with stripes
The scoop shop's flowing red and white panels are intended to evoke the canopy of the company's flagship ice cream cart.
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A wall of collaboration
All of Salt & Straw's locations sell plenty of locally-made artisan ingredients, but the new shop goes a step farther by grouping the goods by the ice cream flavor that includes them.
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Waffle cone inspiration
The look (and smell!) of Salt & Straw's waffle cones inspired Portland's Pattern People to design these custom, made-by-hand ceiling and wall panels, a sweet spin on pressed tin.
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New flavors abound
The launch of the third Salt & Straw scoop shop coincided with the release of several new flavors, like strawberry with cilantro lime cheesecake, goat cheese marionberry habenero, birthday cake and blackberry, chocolate blueberry rice crispy treats, and raspberry lemon basil sorbet.
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Seating for ice cream lovers big and small
The new scoop shop offers several heights of stools, from pint-sized to bar-height.
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Art, big and small.
Show your Salt & Straw love with a set of pins as you check out the custom light fixture from Portland's Jason Rens of SuperMaker, meant to evoke scoops of ice cream.
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The spoon chute
A feature already garnering notice from early indulgers: the Salt & Straw spoon chute, which collects used sample spoons with a satisfying clang.
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