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The large eagle mural above Grassa's booths was painted by Blakely Dadson, and the eatery's logo was crafted by Public-Library.
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Lardo's Rick Gencarelli mans the Emilio Mitidieri pasta extruder, capable of pumping out massive amounts of shaped pastas, like the strozzapreti on the right.
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The interior was designed by Rick Gencarelli and Nick Schuurman with input from Jessica Silverman and Kurt Huffman. According to chef Ian Hutchings, "It's extremely functional and manly, with a workshop vibe."
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Some more of Grassa's fresh pasta offerings: gigli, strozzapretti, bucatini, rigatoni, radiatore, and more.
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Grassa's functional booths below the restaurant's guardian eagle.
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The ordering counter greets guests as they walk in the door, then they're given a number and sent off to wait for the goods.
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Grassa's no-frills logo reflects the simple menu of stand-by pasta dishes and sides.
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The space is located between Gencarelli's Lardo and Anthony Cafiero's Racion in the turbine-topped Twelve West building on SW Washington.
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