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Lardo's downtown location will feature the sandwiches and sides made famous across the river at Gencarelli's flagship Hawthorne location, with a few varying specials. Pictured here: the Cold Fried Chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and spicy buttermilk blue cheese dressing.
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The corner space once home to Corazón and Pinot has been radically transformed, with clean lines, bright red walls, new bar tops, plenty of white subway tiles, and truly porky decor.
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Chef Rick Gencarelli shows off his porchetta before it heads into the spit roaster. With the increase in kitchen space at his second location, the savvy chef plans to experiment with new flavors and equipment. In the works? Potatoes roasted under the rotating pork, infused with the flavorful porchetta drippings. Sign us up.
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The bright space makes the most of its walls of windows, with plenty of seating for the counter-service spot.
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While Lardo's Hawthorne location supplements its savory offerings with sweet selections from Kir Jensen's on-site food cart The Sugar Cube, Lardo Downtown showcases Pie Spot hand pies and cookies along with ice cream sandwiches from neighboring Ruby Jewel.
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Lardo's three chalkboard menus call out the day's sandwich and side offerings, beers on tap, and house cocktails (like the seasonal Harvest Toddy, with Clear Creek Apple Brandy, Old Overholt rye, raw agave, and citrus syrup.)
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A row of growlers stands watch over Lardo's new downtown bar. The custom containers are available for $5 each, and can be filled with any of the restaurant's draught beers for $15.
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It's not all pig, all the time: Lardo's menu includes several seasonal sides, like this delicious Escarole Caesar with white anchovies, fried capers, and croutons, and a Raw Kale Salad with cucumber, feta, fried chickpeas, and a lemon vinaigrette.
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Inspired by great meat thinkers around the world, Lardo is now open seven days a week, from 11 am to 10 pm. Pig out.
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