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Cultured Caveman's patron saint watches over the restaurant in style.
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The counter, prepped for Bulletproof coffee service, morning paleo pastries, and all your ordering needs.
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A stocked library of the Paleo world's top authors beckons you to learn more about real food.
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The Paleo Market stocks Primal Pacs jerky, 100% coconut milk without fillers, seaweed snacks, Cultured Caveman shirts, and fermented cod liver oil—with plenty more Paleo goodies to come.
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Little cavepeople can get their dinosaur on in the kids area.
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With a liquor license in the works, expect Paleo-friendly adult drinks like wine and cider.
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The family-friendly dining room is ready for you.
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The kitchen is a major space upgrade for the formerly cart-bound culinarians—Ban and Hunter gleefully report that their walk-in refrigerator alone is larger than any of their mobile kitchens.
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