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Left: A pint of Terminal Gravity ESG from LT's Oregon-based tap list. Right: A thick, wooden L-shaped bar attached to the LT's locally-quarried stone masonry.
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The LT was built in 1902 as a pharmacy and doctors office, and then it was an old-school soda fountain. In the 1940’s it became a tavern and an Eastern Oregon landmark. It was rebuilt and rebranded in the spring of 2014.
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Left: The “Rancher’s Choice” burger, which rotates with each new cattle purveyor. Right: An ancient coffee mill donated to the Tavern.
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The game-changing pastrami reuben with homemade sauerkraut and a Grand Central Bakery bun. To make the pastrami, fatty beef belly is cured, smoked for 18 hours, and sous-vide for a full day.
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Skillet-baked chicken pot pie.
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Rare teres major, sliced thin on a house-made smoked salt bun.
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Lynne Curry (center) with co-owners Lisa Armstrong-Roepke (right) and Peter Ferré (left)
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