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Beets, slowly boiled and marinated in orange juice, served with creamy, aged goat cheese, tangy green strawberry agre dolce, and a crumble of honey-baked granola.
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Tart, pickled beef tongue, with lightly pickled cucumbers, fresh, bright fava beans, and aerated bone marrow. “We started out with a bone marrow custard,” explains Lamagna, “but it was too rich, so we pureed it and sprayed it through a whipped cream dispenser.”
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A rotating selection of lamb three ways from top-notch Cattail Creek Farms. In this photo, braised neck and shank wrapped in a package of caul fat and seared, rare leg of lamb, sliced thick, and a snappy link of Andouille sausage. The mountain of meat is served over hazelnut romesco sauce and kimchi.
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A perfectly crisped whole branzino, stuffed with an inflated mousse of pureed scallop, cream and egg, and sided by a salad of fennel and radish.
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Crispy Pata AKA “pied de cochon.” This mammoth deep-fried pig’s foot is served claw and all with pickles, rhubarb compote, and curls of garlic-fried spaetzle. Lamagna says this dish is an amalgam of his influences on one plate. “In the Philippines, deep fried trotter is a special occasion dish. The pickled cauliflower is from Perennial Verant, where I became an acid junky. And the spaetzle is from my time in Germany.”
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Clyde Common's new chef, Carlo Lamagna, shows us the proper etiquette for eating an entire pig foot.
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