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Oregon Albacore with baby octopus, padron peppers, and smoked tomatoes
Oregon Albacore is a major menu trend of the moment, and Walton does the local fish justice with a light sear paired with sweet smoked tomatoes, charred peppers, and tender octopus atop a fingerling potato salad ($19).
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Watermelon salad with flowers, black olives, and feta & Mussles and clams with pork belly and corn relish
Walton tops his take on the summer watermelon salad with a fresh granita in place of dressing ($12). Beaker's spin on the classic bar shellfish dish features a spicy tomato broth and fresh corn (note: the pictured dish is roughly half the size of the full entree, which is $21).
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Smoked Beef Short Rib
The melt-in-your-mouth beef in this appetizer sits atop fresh green beans, grilled onions, and yogurt sprinkled with pistachios ($13).
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Silken tofu with smoked cherries
The light smokiness of the cherries adds a savory element to the summer fruit. With guindilla peppers, a sweet poppy vinaigrette, and crunchy quinoa "crumble", the centerpiece of pressed silken tofu is refreshing and sophisticated.
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Black tea fried chicken with mashed potatoes, pork gravy, and grilled corn.
Walton's Mississippi family gave him the idea for black tea-infused buttermilk batter, which adds a subtle earthy flavor to the expertly fried chicken. To go the extra mile, Walton sous vides the chicken before dropping it in the frier, making this dish a contender for the best fried chicken in town ($19).
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The Cricket Club and "Chocolate and Cheese"
No meal at Beaker & Flask would be complete without a cocktails, and this original sip from soon-to-depart bartender Brandon Wise (heading to Vitaly Paley's new Imperial next month) is a dream pairing: Pimm's, Rosé Port, Bonal, Amargo Bitters, and cucumber soda. For dessert, try Walton's ultimate comfort food offering: a grilled cheese and dark chocolate sandwich on brioche served with spiced peanuts and popcorn ($12).
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