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The Dining Room
Serving up a hearty menu of in the coziest atmosphere around, Ava Gene's is sure to be a go-to destination this winter.
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Come in From the Rain
Stepping in from the slick city streets, Ava Gene's offers a convivial space for romantic dates, hungry families, pre-dinner drinks, or a late-night snack.
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Fired Up
The eatery's open kitchen is flanked by a long counter for front-row seats to the culinary action. Because the kitchen window spans the whole room, every seat in the house offers a glimpse of chef Joshua McFadden and his team.
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A Gallery of Sorts
Like the nature painting-packed walls at the Woodsman, Duane Sorenson has decked the few solid walls of Ava Gene's with old-school art. Through the door on the left lie the epic bathrooms (complete with a vaulted ceiling and plaster walls glimmering with marble dust).
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The Bar
Cocktail wizard Evan Zimmerman has unleashed yet another winning drink program into Portland's booze scene. New concoctions include the Lights Out (with 23 year-old rum, Becherovka, bitters, and black truffle) and the Pan-Am (with Cedar-Steeped Campari, two vermouths, absinthe, and soda). The by-the-glass drink menu also features a well-curated selection of Italian wines and beers (three on tap, four by the bottle).
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Seats with a View
The dining room is separated from the bar by shelves of wine bottles and glasses, while the seats along SE Division offer a view of Portland's fastest-growing restaurant row.
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The Nosh
Early favorites on the menu include the nduja (pronounced en-doo-ya) spreadable salumi, fresh and creamy burrata, delicata fritto piled with Sarvecchio cheese, chile flakes, and bee pollen (pictured above), and the Sagna Riccia pasta with lamb ragù and chicories.
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The dining room at Ava Gene's may take the prize for best lit restaurant in PDX, giving the space infinite curb appeal and a magical glow once you're inside.
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