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Most of the kitchen in the 1957 Gordon House, by Frank Lloyd Wright, is maintained in its original state, including built-in stove top and double oven.
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The Gordon House refrigerator is built-in and matches the wood cabinetry.
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A 19th century farmhouse-style home in Southeast hides its refrigerator behind wood doors and under the counter.
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Smeg refrigerators are designed in a retro 1950s style and in colors that are the opposite of invisible. (Hammer & Hand carries the line in Portland.)
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A vintage early 1960s Flair range shows off its space-saving quality (the stovetop is hiding beneath the double ovens, having been pushed into "closed" position).
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The Flair in all its glory, open and ready for business. After probably more than 50 years of work, three out of four (working) burners ain't bad.
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Revco Bilt-in refrigerator, circa 1956; the website RetroRenovation features many pages from the catalogue, a great view into what was new and modern at the time.
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A 1966 ad for Sub-Zero.
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